I have always had an enormous fascination for mountains. Once surrounded by high peaks, every direction you look shows another spectacular view. Mountains are a common theme through my portfolio. 
This image resembles my passion for symmetry and simplicity. Two aspects that are very challenging to capture in photography as it is difficult to distinguish enough from too much and to capture that perfect architectural balance, mirrored image or perfect symmetry of landscapes or buildings. 
I think that movement is the most interesting subject in photography. Whether it is movement of objects, lights or from the camera's perspective, it always provides that extra depth in an image and creates something unrealistic yet pleasing to the eye. In this example you can see sparks of steel wool flying through the sky captures in a long exposure photograph.
Doesn't everybody appreciate a good reflection in a photograph? I definitely do. When the rain is pouring outside, I see opportunities for great pictures in places that under normal circumstances would be much less interesting. Especially in the night, this mirror effect embraces every light there is and gives this almost magical touch.
Sidenote, I am a sucker for sunsets. Whenever the skies turn red like fire or pink like cotton candy, expect to find me outside with a camera.
Sometimes I like to go a bit crazy in Photoshop. For example with this image below of the skyline of Toronto City. Obviously, the Niagara Falls are located nowhere near the city. This image has been put together by two images and blended into one. I like to do this to create new, spectacular landscapes no-one has ever seen before.
Turning general and boring items into fantastic subjects for photographs, another challenge I like to take on from time to time. Here you can see a couple of ordinary films and an analogue Olympus SLR camera captured in a mini studio at home. Nothing special or fancy, just a black canvas used as backdrop, the objects placed on a sheet of glass and using a strong light to the right of the subject. With a bit of retouching, it creates this stunning and seemingly high production cost image. 

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